What I Wore: Put a Bird on It


The post where I put a bird (er, lots of them) on it. Also known as the post where my feet are cut off in every shot (scroll down, you’ll see). Also known as the post where I forgot to change my white balance settings after shooting stuff indoors and they came out weird so I just went with it and used some fun photo filters. Yeah. There were some serious camera oopsies when I shot this yesterday. But I didn’t feel like re-doing the whole shoot, so this is what you get. I actually don’t mind the light/filters, but I wish I had gotten a full shot that included shoes. Ah well. At least they’re included in the details as a close-up.

Anyway. This is what I wore yesterday, for working at home and a few errands. I love the print on this wrap top, it’s simple but interesting without being literal. Just how I like my animal prints. None of that zebra skin or leopard print for me. Since I was going with a bird theme, this bird charm necklace seemed like the perfect fit, and matched the color palette set up with my jeans. And since I have a weird sense of humor, it amused me to pair my snake ring with all of these birds and imagine they were scattered across my shirt in attempts to fly away from it. I may have made myself lol a little bit.

Work is slowing down a bit after the holiday craze, per usual. That means more free time for screenprinting and blogging, which is great. Though my bank account doesn’t always like these slow spots. I think I may try to do a shopping ban in February. I think it’d be good for me, but I also have about zero willpower when it comes to online shopping. We’ll see how it goes.

How are you doing this week?







Colors: Black, White, and Burgundy

Jeans: Target
Layering tank: Forever 21
Wrap Blouse: eShakti
Shoes: by Rampage, on sale from HauteLook
Necklace: from Mama’s Nest Designs
Ring: from a NYC street vendor

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  1. I love animal print! Although I am a fan of literal animal prints and patterns, give me the leopard.

    I also love the Portlandia reference, such a good show! I haven’t caught up on the new episodes yet but you reminded me that I should do that.

    1. Thanks! And actually I’ve never seen Portlandia and did not realize the ‘put a bird on it’ meme was from that. The more you know!

    1. They might be my favorite pair of colored denim, though my mustard ones are up there too. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, hope you’re having a great trip!

    1. Thanks!! 🙂 I’m partial to wrap tops. I love the way they accentuate the waist.

      Any secrets for sticking to a shopping ban? I’m going to try it.

  2. I need that shirt in my life. Also, I was JUST thinking about doing a shopping ban in February…but I need someone to hold me accountable. Shopping ban buddies??

    1. It is a pretty great shirt. 🙂

      I need someone to hold me accountable, too! I’d be up for being shopping ban buddies. How should we go about it?

  3. That top is absolutely adorable! How was your shopping experience with eShakti? Also- great idea to post your color palette at the end of each post!

    1. Thanks!! 😀 I’ve had quite good experiences overall with eShakti. This top, for instance, originally had longer sleeves and a shorter torso, but I could customize those options along with my exact size. And I love how it turned out. 🙂 I have a few other tops and dresses from them, too.