1. Lately I’ve been marathoning my way through the show Alias on Netflix, on the boy’s recommendation. And overall, I quite like it. I’m currently in season 3. Season 1 was awesome and got me hooked, and season 2 was mostly more of the same goodness. But right at the very end of season 2 there’s a huge WTF ploy, and I’m sad to say season 3 is just not as good. I’m hoping it turns around. But even if not, it’s given me new appreciation for Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper.

2. I’m still going strong on my shopping ban! I know, it’s only been 8 days, which seems a pretty paltry accomplishment. But considering I’ve been tempted by certain things and didn’t purchase, I’m calling it a willpower win.

3. Apparently I’ve been a no-reply blogger on Blogger blogs for awhile? It’s now fixed. I had changed the setting way back when, but apparently when I connected my Blogger account to my Google+ profile it erased that setting. And nobody told me! Regardless, it’s just a matter of reverting to Blogger, updating the setting AGAIN, and then re-connecting to Google+. In case you’re in the same boat as I was.

4. You always hear about the wet dog smell, but not so much about the sunshine dog smell. Tell me I’m not the only one that has noticed this? When Sienna sits or lays outside on the porch in the sunshine for awhile, when she comes back in she has a distinct smell. It’s not bad, and it’s not as simple as ‘she smells like grass and wind’ so I’ve dubbed it the sunshine smell. This can’t just be my dog. Dog owners?

5. In honor of Valentine’s Day, now through midnight next Thursday, you can get 14% off anything in my shop using code LOVEDAY2013. That’s good on custom & customizable orders, too, people! 🙂

Happy weekend!