What I Wore: Valentine’s Day

This is what I wore last week for Valentine’s Day. Holiday appropriate color scheme, no? 🙂 We don’t usually make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, but this year it was kind of a week-long celebration. The Sunday previous, Ian had surprised me with tickets to see The Lion King traveling Broadway show. The night before Valentine’s Day, I surprised him with a cute card, chocolate covered strawberries, and tickets to see the new Die Hard over the weekend. On actual Valentine’s Day (when I wore this outfit) we decided to cook something fancy at home. That ended up being swordfish steaks, and they were a bit tricky to locate. They were also a bit tricky to cook, and while Ian liked how they turned out, I wasn’t as big of a fan. And I usually like fish. But that’s how it is with cooking adventures – sometimes your taste buds just don’t like how it turns out.

Saturday the 16th was our big fun-filled day. We went out to a cozy breakfast in the morning, then went to meet up with our usual group for Saturday morning coffee (which is always fun). Then we changed into outdoor appropriate gear, packed Sienna into the car, and headed south of Austin to McKinney Falls State Park for some hiking. We’d never been to this particular park before, and it was Sienna’s first time hiking. I’m happy to say it was a good outing all around. Sienna LOVED it, and her new extended roam leash. She also got to see a body of water larger than the bathtub for the first time; she wasn’t quite sure what to think of it, but waded through happily enough (it wasn’t deep enough to require doggy paddling). Once she was tuckered out, we headed back to Round Rock to relax for a bit. Then it was time for dinner at our favorite dine-in movie theater, seeing the new Die Hard flick. It was a typical Bruce Willis action movie, entertaining/amusing enough.

Sunday was a lazy, relaxing day. Ian had Monday off, so we got to hang out most of that day as well. It was half lazy, half productive. We ran errands and picked out the new faucets that will be installed tomorrow. I’m excited for this round of handyman stuff to be done, and have doors that close and toilets that flush properly. 😀

Other than all that, Ian’s on late shift this week, which means lots of reading and girly movies and such. I am hoping to go to this art opening on Friday, too. That’s the only solid plan for this weekend so far.

How about you guys? Did you have a good Valentine’s Day? Any cool plans this weekend?

Colors: Red, Pale Peach, Black and Dark Denim

Cardigan: from Ross
Shirt: from Forever 21
Belt: from ModCloth
Jeans: from Kohl’s
Shoes: by Rocketdog
Necklace: from a closed Etsy shop
Ring: from a Ren faire.

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And some bonus pictures for you, from extended Vday festivities over the weekend.

Worn out to dinner & a movie on Saturday night:

Dress: Target. Belt: off another dress. Shoes: same as above. Necklace: Little White Chapel

From out hiking:

Sienna wanted to bring back this stick…
Out hiking. Me smiling, the pup giving the camera the stinkeye.



  1. Valentines day was mostly just hanging out and my boyfriend cooking me a delicious dinner. We’re broke at the moment xD But it was really nice, I like just spending time with him

    Also, I love that dress you wore to dinner. So pretty!

    1. Aw, that sounds nice! I don’t know what got into us this year, usually we do the same thing as you guys – just cooking at home together. 🙂 And thanks!

  2. That dress is lovely, and you look adorable in it! I’ve seen it in a few colors around the blogosphere … may just have to take a trip for it. (I try to avoid Target, because I always spend way too much money there!)

    We love to hike. Since we moved to Colorado, it’s become one of our favorite things to do. Always a great time!

    1. Aw, thank you! I couldn’t resist when I saw it in Target (I have the same issue as you with that place). Looks like they’re out of it in red online, but still have solid black, black/tan, and navy.

      We love to hike, too, but just don’t get out to do it as often as we should/would like to.

  3. I loved that dog stick picture. Cracked me up!

    I REAAAALLLY love that dress! LOVE!

    And you are a goooood girlfriend………..the mister wants to see Die Hard SOOOO badly.

    1. Hehe, it cracked me up when she tried to carry it with her. Had to do a bit of tug of war to get it away from her. 🙂

      And thank you! 😀

      I actually enjoy the Die Hard movies, too, so it wasn’t a huge sacrifice.

  4. Your valentines week sounds pretty much perfect. And of course I LOVE this outfit!!

    I really wish we lived somewhere that hiking was a possibility, but, alas, we do not.