Pinterest Challenge

Janssen over at Everyday Reading (along with her sisters) instituted a Pinterest Challenge earlier this week, and I’m jumping on board. The idea is to pick 6 things from all of your many boards and pins, and actually DO them over the next 6 weeks. (and blog about it, of course)

Here are my 6 things:


I picked 2 outfits to re-create (1,2), and 4 projects to try/do (1,2,3,4).

So you’ll likely see approximations of the above outfits in the next few weeks, and I’ll keep you updated on how the projects go. Feel free to join in with us if you like! And you can find me on Pinterest here. 🙂

Pinterest Challenge



    1. I’m taking it easy this challenge. Most of my picks are pretty low key/don’t require too many supplies or too long of a time investment.

  1. I have a series on my blog that I will be introducing soon called “Tried and True Tutorials” where I share my final product of tutorials I followed (many of which I saved on Pinterest). I have it in my draft and have done two tutorials. I’m a big fan of not just pinning but doing and have done a lot of my tutorials and thought, well why not share the ones that worked out and give props to the people/bloggers that created them. So I can’t wait to share those! I’m thinking of doing three at a time for each post.

    1. Ooh, I look forward to it! I think a lot of the tutorials I find on Pinterest sound neat, but also a lot of them I don’t want to invest the supplies/time in if they don’t work.

      1. Oh I hear you! There are so many tutorials that are super neat but though I might find them neat I won’t make them because of the possible expense of money and time, because it’s not something I need or really really want. For example, glitter tacks for my cork board were on my Pinterest board for a while. When I looked back, though it’s a cheap project that would require very little time, I realized it’s not something that I need or really want, it’s glitter tacks. It wasn’t worth, to me, the pennies and minutes it would have cost to make. So I deleted that on my Pinterest board. I did a lot of deleting when I purged so many things and I’m deleting some more this week.

        Normally most tutorials are nixed because they don’t have a function for me and function doesn’t have to be something physical, like a DIY clock whose function is to tell time. It could be a diy that when done is something that constantly inspires me or makes me think or makes me happy every time I look at it. So I totally hear you, there are a lot of questions I ask myself when I first see a DIY and say, “hey that’s neat” before I actually get to the “but do I want to do it?”