Right now, I am…

doing laundry while catching up on replying to blog comments and also working on my dining passport.

thinking that I’ll use said dining passport to pick somewhere new for us to go on date night this week.

really happy to have gotten a big ol’ paycheck today. 😀

excited about the tickets I bought to go see The Airborne Toxic Event in April!

amazed at how frickin’ windy it is outside today! It seriously made driving on the highway a bit scary – I could feel my car getting pushed sideways from gusts.

planning how to finalize the wood dragon my friend laser-cut for me, for hanging on the wall. There will be pictures.

looking forward to the mini TxSC meetups that’ll happen during SXSW, but still really glad they’re moving the full conference to this summer.

feeling the need to do a thorough office cleaning. It’s kind of a disaster right now.

wearing lots of polka dots.

How’s your Monday going?