I had this green cardigan that I got at a clothes swap, because the fit was cute. But I never wore it because the shade of green just wasn’t right. It was a bit too bright, and seemed to clash with everything I tried it with. So I thought, what can I do to make this wearable for me? Fabric dye! What wearable shade can I get with available dye colors starting with this strong green? Answer: a darker, deeper emerald green. So that’s what I did!




The above right is an accurate representation of the color beforehand. Below left is accurate of the color after. This is what happens when you take photos at 4 different times with 4 different lighting schemes.


I love how the new color turned out. Though I have to say, dyeing fabric is kind of an involved process, so I’m not sure how much more I’ll do of it. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’m happy with my new emerald cardigan.

Have you ever done any fabric dyeing? How’d it turn out?