Right Now

Right now, I am…

trying to finish up two big work projects this week. The kind where they’ve dragged on for weeks/months because all the information/bits haven’t been provided, and suddenly everything needs to be done immediately OMG CRISIS! It’s a bit stressful.

checking out some new ways to make local lady friends, after reading MWF Seeking BFF this weekend.

excited about meeting up with some of the lady bloggers I met at the TxSC mixers tomorrow night for coffee (sort of related to the above).

tired. Ian having his late shift week once per month always throws off my sleeping schedule. It was last week, so I’m still in recovery mode.

wearing some fabulous striped tights.

needing to do a photo shoot for a bunch of shop things that I’ve printed and just haven’t had time to get listed.

really glad I don’t live somewhere where it snows like some of the pictures I’ve been seeing on Facebook/Twitter. I am not a cold weather gal.

having trouble believing March is almost over. Didn’t it just start?

looking up duck recipes, because Ian wants to cook duck for Easter. Random, but he’s set on it.

How’s your Monday going?


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