What I Wore: Pale Colorblock


I think at heart I will always be a jeans & t-shirt girl. I often enjoy dresses and skirts, and like getting dolled up every once in awhile. But when I ask myself in the morning “I want to be comfortable today, what should I wear?” the answer is almost always jeans and a tee. That’s not to say it can’t still be interesting, or dressed up if needed. Throw on a blazer and heels/wedges and the outfit goes up a few notches. And I think interesting tees like this one I wore yesterday keep the combo not boring. I love this tee. It is the most soft and comfortable thing; the neutrals go well with a lot of different outfits; and I think the contours of the colorblocking are flattering. Triple win.

On a less happy note, my goal this afternoon is to sit down and do my taxes. I know. I leave it to nearly the last minute. Since being self-employed, I inevitably owe money every year, and it’s inevitably a not-happy number. So I tend to put it off as long as possible. Once I get it done, though, it’ll be a huge weight off my shoulders. At least for another year, haha.

Tonight is also date night, and it’s the boy’s turn to pick. I’m hoping he picks an overlap between our dining passport and Austin Restaurant Week, because that would be awesome. We’ll see, though.

Are you a jeans & t-shirt-wearing procrastinator like me? 😉






Colors: Heather Grey, Pale Peach, Soft Gold, White, Dark Denim

Shirt: by L♥ve & Peace, bought at Ross
Jeans: from Kohl’s
Belt: Exploring the Stream Belt in Brook from ModCloth (no longer available)
Shoes: by Colin Stuart, from Victoria’s Secret
Necklace: Hidden Treasures Necklace from ThreadSence (no longer available)
Ring: from a Ren faire
Bracelets: have owned for so long I do not remember where I got them

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  1. I love that t-shirt, it just looks so comfy. Jeans & a t-shirt are my go to outfit a lot too, although I am trying to change that. I’ve been wearing a lot of leggings recently, if only because they’re even more comfy than jeans xD

    1. Thanks!! I jumped on the leggings bandwagon a bit too late – I only got to wear mine a handful of times before it got too warm here. 90 out today! Way too hot for leggings. I’m saving them up for next fall/winter, though, because you’re right – they are super comfy! 🙂

  2. I am definitely a jeans and t-shirt girl!!! It’s already becoming tough because my jeans are right at the verge of making it no further in my pregnancy so now I am at a fashion loss…. Perhaps I’ll be a t-shirt and skirts girl. Or maternity capris…. haha

    1. You could rock the tee & maxi skirt look!

      I’m curious about how my style will change someday when I’m pregnant, to accommodate the different shape. I really have no idea.

    1. Yay, glad you stopped by! 😀 And yeah, neutrals definitely make it easier. Though I sort of cheated here, since the color blocking was already taken care of for me in the shirt – but the idea could be expanded to a whole outfit!

  3. I’m definitely the jeans and t-shirt type… Most of my clothes fall under that heading, which is kind of embarrassing considering I live in NYC and it’s way more common for women to dress up nice here.

  4. Everything about this outfit… I LOVE. I would wear. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL. I can’t wear dresses or skirts (unless it’s a sundress over jeans. I do want to try maxi skirts though, since they are so long.) When I put on a dress or skirt, and I have many times to try, I feel so… “not me”. I feel naked. I feel uncomfortable. However, a t-shirt, blouse, sweater and jeans are my go-to. I don’t usually pair them with blazers or anything, as I am uncomfortable in them, but a sweet cardigan, wrap or hoodie… Yes. Shirts and jeans can definitely be super casual, but they can also be super dressy. For the holidays, a gorgeous silk shirt, a good fitting pair of jeans and the right shoes and accessories is – to me – as pretty as an holiday dress.

    1. Aw, thank you Angie!

      And I agree, if you pair it with the right things, jeans & a top can be just as dressy. 🙂 Though I also think you should give maxi skirts/dresses a try because they are WONDERFUL. I am addicted.