Uncomfortable Things

Uncomfortable Things

I’m linking up with Jenni today as part of the May blogging challenge. Today’s topic is “Things that make you uncomfortable.” So here are some things that make me squirm or tense.

Dark outside, lights on inside, blinds not closed. In my house, they always get closed as soon as dusk hits. I’ve asked friends to close the blinds/curtains if we’re at their house. It’s not that I consciously think someone outside who I can’t see is watching, it’s more that it could happen. And it could be a stalker. Or a random serial killer. Or just a random person laughing at embarrassing things he witnesses through the un-covered windows. It’s not logical at all. But there you have it.

Slightly off delivery people. Our pizza place has this one lady who is super nice and cheerful, but she has really intense eye contact. Like, almost staring, with eyes widened. Consistently – she’s been the delivery person fairly often. It weirds Ian out as much as me, so it’s not just in my head. A different guy told me I had pretty eyes, which was nice but also sort of creepy.

Small talk. I’m not good at it, chiefly because I don’t care all that much about most of the things that constitute small talk (sports, weather, etc.). But discussing more personal/meaningful things with relative strangers is more uncomfortable, so small talk it is.

Having to go into the Teen Room at the public library because that’s where the YA is shelved. Because it’s not just bookshelves, it’s a kind of hang-out area, and the teens look at you strange if 28-year-old you invades their domain. I will request a book online and have the librarian move it to the Held Books shelf for me (out in the main part of the library), rather than having to venture into that room, even if the book is checked in.

Aveda salons where they’re pushy about the free make-up touch-up, even if you’re only there for a haircut and have made it clear you don’t wear much make-up/their make-up and are not interested.

Talking on the phone. If you aren’t my mom or one of my sisters or Ian if he’s away on a trip, chances are 100% that I don’t want to be on the phone with you. I just don’t like it. I like to have time to consider my response, not be put on the spot. This applies just as much to ordering food over the phone as it does to business calls.

Client relation issues. Whether it’s having to tell them (gently?) that their idea will look terrible, or nagging them about an overdue payment, or similar, I just don’t like to do it. But I will, because it’s my job and livelihood.

Really awkward TV shows/movies. The ones where the character is doing something really, really embarrassing or awkward? Yeah, I can’t watch those. I will literally leave the room or stop watching the show entirely. I tried to start watching the show Felicity on Netflix the other week, and I only made it partway through ep 3. I just couldn’t do it. It stresses me out.

Having to sit directly beside someone I don’t know in a movie theater or on a plane. Especially when they hog the armrest.

Revealing/explaining to people outside the blogging world that I have a blog. Oh, this one. So awkward and uncomfortable making.

Geckos. I’m fine if they stay outside. If one comes inside, I make Ian catch it and take it back out. But if it scurries somewhere where we can’t find it? Oh hell no. Not cool, gecko. Don’t blame me if Sienna eats you later (good dog).

That’s all I can think of right now. I’m sure there’s plenty more. Ian would probably have a dozen more things he could think of about me. Maybe I’ll ask him and do a follow-up. 🙂

How about you? What makes you uncomfortable?



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