Skydiving Without Parachutes

So this past weekend was the boy’s birthday, and one of my surprises for him was a visit to Austin’s indoor skydiving place, Austin iFly. Yup. Skydiving without parachutes, aka. floating on 165mph winds in a wind tunnel, aka. the closest to actual free flight we’ll ever get until humans evolve wings. And it was awesome!! WAY less scary than jumping out of a plane.

Picture proof:



Can you tell I’m loving it? Haha. 🙂

Video proof: Ian’s second flight (he’s in red), my second flight (I’m in blue) and the instructor doing a solo show-off flight. And no, there’s no sound (the DVD they gave us was video only, no audio).

If you get a chance to do this in Austin or one of the other cities iFly is in, I highly recommend it. My only complaint is that the flights seem so short.

Have you ever been skydiving, outdoor or indoor?


  1. that is soo cool! I would love to try sky diving but i don’t know if I can get the guts to do so. That sounds like a good substitute.

    1. Yeah, I’m the same way. This was much preferable to jumping out of a plane. Much more affordable, too.

  2. Omg when I saw Ian and the instructor go up for the first time I panicked “what’s happening?! Where are they going?!” Hahaha Looks like fun, Steve was Airborne and he’s been bugging me to skydive….this seems like a reasonable compromise. The flights do seem way too short though!

    1. Haha, too funny! One of the ladies in the ‘audience’ freaked out, too – you can see her in the purple pants. She just had her mouth hanging open every time someone flew up the tunnel.

      Definitely a good compromise, I think. Though the closest one to you might be here in Austin. :-\

  3. Oh this looks so awesome! I never knew Austin had something like this. I shouldn’t be surprised; it has a bit of everything.

  4. Woah! How crazy cool is this? I never even knew you could skydive indoors, but this is definitely something I’d be game to try…long before I’d be game to try ACTUAL skydiving. Thanks for sharing this video! And happy birthday to your man!