What I Wore: Walking Garden


Apparently I was feeling floral yesterday. With the jeans, obviously, but also on the shrug which has a subtle burn-out floral pattern. Add the leaf necklace in, and I’m a walking garden. 🙂 Though, I think, a not-in-your-face-with-my-pattern-choices one. I hope. Regardless, I liked the color scheme, and it was comfortable to wear all day. Win win.

These pants are tricky to pair things with. Well, maybe I should say, they’re tricky to pair things with in a way that I like. Because I could pair with a coral or green shirt easily, pulling on the colors in the pattern. But that seems too loud. And unrelieved brown on top seems too dark. So I’ve stuck to cream/white-based neutrals, layering as needed. I may try them with a purple top, though, because I think that could work. Or a darker wine color. Thoughts?

Not too much to update on since the Things of Note at the end of yesterday’s post. Work as usual. Life as usual. Tonight is date night, but it’s the boy’s choice, so I don’t know where we’re headed yet. This weekend we have a comedy show, a birthday party for a friend, and maybe some farmer’s market action. We’ll see.

How’s your week going? Any interesting plans this weekend?







Colors: Khaki, Hunter Green, Cream, Chocolate, and Salmon.

Jeans: Target (no longer available).
Shirt: by Michael Stars, on super sale from Ideeli.
Shrug: I honestly can’t remember, but it’s by A. Byer. Kohl’s a long time ago maybe?
Sandals: Adele sandals by Groove, on super sale from HauteLook.
Necklace: from Studio Botanica on Etsy.
Ring: from Another World Designs on Etsy.

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