Tuesday Treasure Trove: this week's round-up of read-worthy links


Things of Note:

I can tell summer is here because work has slowed way down, as usual for this season. That means more time for getting stuff done around the house and the craft table, and going out with friends. And books, of course! 🙂 I’m also feeling pretty good health-wise. Between my chiro regimen, the 30-day squat challenge, and cutting down my soda intake (not to mention a new Pilates class I’m going to try out), I just feel like my body is in a better place than it was even a few weeks ago. I also got my short story for the last round of NYC Midnight done and submitted this past weekend, well before the deadline. AND I’m happy with how it turned out. Now I just have to wait to hear the results! Good things, all. 🙂

How are things in your life lately?