Bits & Pieces

1. The wall decals I ordered came today! They were a pain to peel off their backing without pieces getting stuck to each other. But actually putting on the wall was easy, and I love how it turned out! This is our loft upstairs, kind of right outside my office. We already had the 5 framed prints (Ikea!), and I thought this pack of decals coordinated nicely. Eventually I’d like the wall that the window is in to be painted that blue/teal color, but that’ll have to wait a bit.


2. I didn’t think this weekend was going to be busy, but then I actually looked at all of the things I’m planning/wanting to do. Coffee with friends tomorrow morning, Round Rock Market Days tomorrow afternoon, the Hope Farmers Market Sunday mid-day with a clothing swap, and then Pinballz for games and hanging out with friends again that afternoon. And then Monday night is The Last Unicorn. Um, downtime, where’d you go? Haha. Should be fun, though.

3. Not to mention it’s my 2-year blogiversary and shopiversary tomorrow, on top of the above! Special post & announcements coming then. Stay tuned! 😉

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. HAPPY ‘VERSARIES! ^_^ I love the wall decals. I can’t wait until we have some of our own, there are SO many good decals out there for pretty much any room design! I love birch trees, or maybe something medieval-y, Victorian-y, or Steampunk-ery! 😉

    1. Thank you!!!

      I’m going to experiment some more with wall decals, too. I think they’re great. The only thing I can say to watch out for is make sure you gets ones that are removable and re-appliable. The ones in my picture are – I could take them off and reposition and they’d stick again no problem. I had some other ones that were supposed to go with these, but they were a different brand, and NOT removable/re-positionable, and possibly wall-harming, so just watch out for that.