Lavender Fields

I’m not sure if you non-Texans/Austinites know this, but lavender is kind of a big thing around here. Texas Hill Country has actual lavender farms; apparently our weather/soil is similar to areas of France where lavender is grown. This has led to a lot of local lavender and lavender-related products. In fact, we even have things like lavender margarita mix and a Lavender Festival (which I’m thinking of going to this Friday – anyone in?). So today I thought I’d share some of my favorite lavender picks in the wardrobe area, since you all know I like purple and this shade is no exception. I like the scent, too, but that’s a little harder to convey through the computer. 🙂

Lavender Fields


How about you? Are you a fan of this shade/scent?


  1. I love lavender! The smell of it reminds me of my parents house, because my Mum has massive lavender bushes planted in her front yard. I bought a pair of lavender jeans last summer and I’ve started wearing them quite a lot.

  2. Lavender is such an underrated colour! I absolutely love all of these picks. I really love those lavender jeans! xo

    1. It really is! Darker purple shades like aubergine are great (my personal fav) but tend to overshadow how versatile this lighter shade is.