Right Now
Right now, I am…

looking forward to going to the lavender festival tomorrow during the day, and having friends over that evening, and then the Mumford & Sons concert on Sunday! Busy weekend, but all full of fun things. 😀

glad I went to the Bites & Bloggers event last night. So many amazing local chefs and good food, and I met some fun people. And came home with a ridiculously huge goodie bag.

reading my way through the Mistborn series, and the Daughter of Smoke & Bone series, and The Artist’s Way. I’m liking all of them, for different reasons.

excited to have my blog design services page up and running, because I’d love to do projects with a more artsy style. Take a look!

still offering the coupon code to my shop, good through all of June: WOO2YEARS for 15% off any order.

needing to drink some water because I feel a bit of a headache coming on.

also needing to clean the house because we’re having people over tomorrow night.

doing better about not stressing the small stuff, I think. Overall, at least. Some days are just a kick in the butt, though.

considering another idea for my shop that was suggested by someone requesting a custom order. I’ve got to get all of my current ideas & transition to made-to-order stuff done first, but I’m putting a pin in it to revisit later.

wanting to get back into cooking. I haven’t done a recipe post in awhile because we haven’t really tried anything new in the kitchen for awhile. We’ve just been repeating tried-and-true things. Which are all tasty, but it never hurts to branch out.

listening to Sienna snore at my feet. It’s hilarious and ridiculously cute at the same time.

How’s your Friday going? What are you getting up to this weekend?