Friday Favorites: Front Porch Frozen Desserts

I’m not sure if you know this, readers, but I have a pretty serious sweet tooth. Like, ice cream is an acceptable meal and I have a candy dish in the living room and a chocolate stash at my desk and pretty much nothing is better than a good piece of pie or cake or brownie. I love Tiff’s Treats and Lick and many other dessert-centric places. I’m still mourning the loss of The Cookie Lounge, to be honest (a build-your-own cookie bar, and then you got it fresh from the oven and still warm and gooey. SO SAD when it closed.) So yeah, serious sweet tooth. As a result, my interest is always piqued by a new dessert-y place.

This past week the boy and I stumbled upon a new little gem, which might now be my sweet tooth mecca:


Like I need any more incentive to go in than this.

Front Porch Frozen Desserts, specializing in soft serve frozen yogurt, custard and sorbet. There was a sign stand out front that advertised it as a dessert bar, which is about all I need to know. But then we walk in and see all of this:


The wall o’ tasty soft serve flavors.


One of several topping areas.


More toppings.


And yet more toppings!

!!!!!!!!! Ian took one look at me and resigned himself to the fact that we would be coming here again. Repeatedly. And often. I say ‘resigned’ but he actually likes soft serve desserts, so it won’t be that big of a sacrifice for him.

Basically, you pick your container – a small or big cup, a sugar cone, a waffle cone, etc. Then you can visit the Bottoms Bar and choose a cookie or brownie for the bottom. Then you get to mix and match as many frozen yogurt flavors and toppings as you want. The cashier weighs your dessert at the end and it’s 45 cents per ounce, so it doesn’t really cost too much extra to add mega toppings, unless you’re seriously adding to the weight.


His & Hers frozen desserts.

Ian and I both had brownies on the bottoms of ours, and it was still only about $8 total for both desserts. And those cups ain’t small. Ian went safe with brownie + Tahitian vanilla + peanut butter cups. I mixed it up a bit: brownie + honey vanilla greek + bananas foster + caramel + butterscotch + chocolate chips. And it was delicious. And I need to go back stat because there are about a million tasty possibilities that I want to try.

And to cap off all of the awesomeness? It’s right down the road, in the same shopping center as Five Guys, Target, and Tiff’s Treats. So, you know, I’ll be there all the time anyway…

Needless to say, Front Porch gets my hearty recommendation. If you are up in the Round Rock area, definitely stop by. If you have any sort of sweet tooth, you won’t regret it.

Though my wallet might by the end of the summer. 🙂


The elusive Ian caught on camera!

Do you have a monster sweet tooth, too? What local dessert places are you loving lately?

Front Porch in no way compensated me for this post, I’m just that jazzed about the place.


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