Right Now
Right now, I am…

drinking my morning French vanilla cappuccino.

looking forward to date lunch since Ian has a half day and we missed date night on Wednesday because of his work.

trying to move up the weekly leaderboard in Words with Friends (username is ajcobby23 if you want to play!).

feeling like today is Monday because of the day off yesterday, and very glad it isn’t.

finding it hard to believe that my little puppy girl turned 3 yesterday.

really needing to take shop photos. I’ve been doing tons of paper prints, need to get them listed.

making a list for the grocery store.

hoping the post office gets the text/email notification for PO boxes fixed soon.

working on some marketing pieces for the shop and blog. Gotta have new cards for TxSC!

excited that beach vacation is less than 2 weeks away!

curious to know more about you guys! So, if you read this far, tell me 3 things about yourself in the comments: 1) what you do full-time; 2) your favorite book; and 3) where you’re from. Feel free to include more tidbits if you feel like it!

Happy weekend!