What I Wore: Tribal to the Max


Small glimpse into the inner workings of my mind: I have been thinking of this dress as a tribal print, since the pattern has a sort of hand-drawn quality to it up close (see the detail shot farther down). So I named the post accordingly. Then I went to link to the dress below, and saw it was called ‘geometric’ print on the product listing. And there was this whole back and forth in my head as to whether that was just the store being PC or if I was wrong in filing the dress under the tribal category to begin with. Or if it was a moot point, since ‘geometric’ and ‘tribal’ aren’t mutually exclusive. There were a good 5 minutes spent on the internal debate as to whether to re-title the post or if this kind of specific semantics even matters. And then I just said ‘to hell with it’ and left it as-is. I will continue to think of this dress as a tribal print. Featuring geometric patterns, natch.

All that aside, this dress is super comfortable (have you noticed a pattern yet in my clothing choices? haha). It now has a solid place in my ever-growing rotation of summer maxi dresses. Possibly TMI: a maxi dress is my preferred summer go-to when it’s my time of the month, because it’s another excuse not to shave my legs those few days and I still feel put together even if my innards feel miserable. Everybody’s happy. Except my uterus, but she’s kind of a harpy anyway.

What do you think: tribal, geo, both, neither? What’s your feeling-less-than-stellar outfit go-to?






Colors: Black, Turquoise, Red, White

Dress: Kohl’s, by Apt. 9
Shoes: Ideeli, by Unlisted
Belt: Lulu’s (sold out)
Rings: NYC street vendor, and an Etsy shop
Necklace: have owned so long I don’t remember

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  1. I think you can safely classify it as both, haha.
    Maxi dtesses & skirts are my favourite lazy summer wear for when I have to go out. I appreciate being able to get away with not shaving my legs for a day or two during the summer when I just can’t be bothered.

    1. Exactly! Sometimes I just don’t want to bother with shaving my legs. And pants are too hot. Maxi skirts & dresses for the win!

  2. I can definitely imagine some stores choosing to use the term “geometric” rather than “tribal”–you never know what will inspire angry emails and boycotts these days.
    And my go to outfit when I’m not feeling good is whatever is loose and not tight or clingy. A tunic top and leggings, maybe.

    1. Too true, sadly.

      I love tunics & leggings in the spring and fall! Leggings are a bit too much in the Texas summer heat for me, though. 🙂

  3. this dress is stunning (geo or tribal i love it!) and i love how you paired it with red and my favourite jewellery colours! This is like my perfect type of outfit! xx
    Thanks so much for joining the passion for fashion link up!

  4. This maxi is so cool! And they’re great for those days when you want to feel put together and not actually have to do much in the way of… grooming. 😉
    Thanks for linking up again Amanda!

  5. My time-of-the-month outfits are usually maxi-dresses in summer and harem pants in winter. Loose, comfy and perfect for “I can’t be bothered” days.