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1. Life has been pretty hectic the last couple of weeks, what with vacation and the conference and our anniversary and the craft show. But now all of that is past, and I feel like I have some breathing room. It’ll be nice to have time for reading and blogging and just chill time with Ian again.

2. Speaking of the craft show/pop-up shop, it went fairly well. Not a whole lot of people ended up showing up, but I still sold a few shirts. I didn’t sell any of the paper prints, though – go figure, since that’s what I’d been busting my ass to get enough inventory of! Lol. It was at a private residence and there were two other vendors. We all did similarly with sales, I think, so we were all pleased. Plus there were snacks and socializing for 2.5 hours, which is always good. Plus a very cute little dog. Overall, it was a good experience. It’s made me consider maybe doing a legit, larger craft show next year sometime. My table looked like this:


3. I have really random late night thoughts. Like, the kind that you have when you’re trying to fall asleep? Sometimes they’re super heavy, or work-related, but sometimes they are just inane. For example, last night was a big thinkfest on the difference between milkshakes and smoothies and slushes. In case you’re curious, I’ve decided that slushes are ice & fruit juice, milkshakes are milk/ice cream and flavored syrup, and smoothies are milk/ice cream/yogurt and actual fruit blended down. I’ve been making a lot of smoothies lately (by my definition; Ian tries to tell me they’re milkshakes, that smoothies have ice – no!), so I think that’s why this was on the brain.

4. I’m still marathoning through Bones on Netflix. I’m in season 4 right now. I have to say, I’m something of a crime show addict, but I think Bones might be the clear frontrunner for favorite in that genre now. Even above Castle – yeah, I know. But while I love the Castle/Beckett dynamic, the actual stories/crimes on that show aren’t the most interesting. Not so with Bones. You should check it out, if you’re also into the crime genre.

5. The shop is being featured over on Pulp Sushi today. You might want to check it out if you like giveaways and discount codes. Just sayin’.

That’s all I’ve got today. How have you been?


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