My thing lately has been wearing tanks/shirts over dresses. In particular, this black sundress number I picked up from the Langford Market booth at TxSC prom. I think this is the fourth tank I’ve layered over it. I like it, but of the tanks I’ve layered with it I don’t think it’s my favorite. The others are in the laundry, though, so that’s that. Ian didn’t even realize the first two times that it was a dress underneath until I told him. Just more proof that a LBD is a very versatile wardrobe item. 🙂

Also, I’m not bothering to do much with my hair these days because the second I step outside it deflates. 100+ heat will do that to a girl. Not that I get all fancy with my hair often anyway, but a basic ponytail is the lowest rung on the hair-doing-things ladder.

Let’s see, news, news. I have a big project heading to the printer today, which means I’ll be holding a lovely print copy and accompanying big check in my hands soon. Yay! And I just sent off drafts of a book cover earlier this week. I love me some print design, can you tell? Also, it’s date night tonight, which is always a good thing. So, all in all, quite a good week so far. 😀

What do you think of layering shirts/tanks with dresses? How’s your week going?






Colors: Black, Off-White, Orchid Purple, and Copper.

Dress: from Langford Market
Tank: from Urban Outfitters
Belt: from By the Belt
Necklace: from Clyde’s Rebirth
Sandals: UNLISTED Pop Candy from ideeli
Ring & Bracelet: I’ve owned so long I don’t remember

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