Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove: this week's round-up of read-worthy links

Things of Note:

Whew, long list. What can I say, the internet giveth plenty this week. 🙂

So, let’s see, what’s new with me? I’m still working my way through 30 Day Shred. And actually kind of liking it, which is all sorts of weird for non-workout-liking me. Had a fun movie night with friends over the weekend, and also checked out Austin’s Ice Cream Festival. Which had a much higher ratio of non-ice-cream-related booths to ice cream booths than I was expecting, but we still got plenty of yummy treats. Work is going well, sent off a big project last week, and am working on a book cover this week – my favorite! I’ve also solidified holiday plans with my family, and we’ll all be congregating at a lovely rental house in Florida for Christmas, pretty pumped about that. Today my plan is work, and a yummy crock pot recipe, and cleaning out/going through my closet. Exciting times over here, haha.

How are things going in your world?


  1. I loved a lot of these links! The Disney Princess Instagram was amazing, as were the articles about design and the homeless and Sansa Stark. Also love that Conan quote!

    Where in Florida will you be for Christmas?

    1. Thanks!

      We will be in the Sarasota/Bradenton area. I’m excited, since I haven’t seen my sisters in a long time, and my mom for almost a year.