I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front this week, but I have a good reason: I’ve been working on giving Dragonflight Dreams a makeover! If you’re following through a reader, click through to see the fresh new look. I kept a few elements from the old look (the textured paper at the top, the blue accent color, the swirls in the header), but I added some width and spacing for a more open feel. Overall, this will allow for wider images and a less cluttered appearance. And I also added in some purple and polka dots, because I love purple and polka dots. 😀

Mini view:

New Design

I like it! It’s different enough to feel fresh, but no so different that it doesn’t feel like me/my blog. I’ll probably still be tinkering with small details for a few days, but the majority of the new look is set.

What do you think? Have you ever given your blog a makeover?

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