A Self Portrait in Sound

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Original image via Fe Ilya.
This month, I will be (sporadically) participating in Blogtember with Jenni. The prompt for today was a self portrait. This is a poem I wrote back in 2005, and recently reworked/updated. I hope you enjoy.

A Self Portrait in Sound

I am a symphony,
a harmonic cacophony –

the sound of laughter
of pages rustling, turning
of a camera shutter
and typing keys

the sound of a pen whirring over the lines
and ink scraped across a screen
a piano tinkling
coffee dripping

the sound of a tear slipping down a cheek
of the muscles stretching into a smile

the sound of the ocean

the sound of the wind

the sound of flight

the sound of miles passing as the tires turn
a door opening
chocolates unwrapped
a dog snoring

the sound of differences accepted
of things unspoken
my mother’s joys
my lover’s sighs –

I am every note.

What would be some of the sounds in your self portrait?


  1. wow! this is awesome ! I really loved your idea – so unique, and so great! 🙂
    by the way – you’re talented! well done you! 🙂

  2. <3 Absolutely stunning. Some of mine…

    Her soft voice, my lover
    The twitter of birds inside, and out
    Kitty purrs, and bubbly fish
    A laugh, a sob, a dream, a wish

    The feeling of warmth, of love
    Of comfort, and of joy,
    This is the feeling, this feeling is the song

    The song is all around me,
    it's the soundtrack of my life.