Bits & Pieces

Bits & Pieces
This month, I am (sporadically) participating in Blogtember with Jenni.
The prompt for today was a “life lately” post.

1. This weekend was a good weekend. Friday was just hanging out with the boy. Saturday we had people over for brunch in the morning (recipe coming later this week!), and then had a relaxing afternoon before taking Sienna for a walk at a nearby park. Sunday the boy had to go in to work, sadly, so I was on my own most of the day. I read and did some screen printing and met up with a chica from GFC who was really nice. I think we bonded over both being introverts. And I caught up with my little sis via phone, which is always good. The boy and I also started watching The 4400 on Netflix last night – nicely intriguing so far. Overall, a satisfactory weekend.

2. I bought into the hype around the blogosphere and got a Diamond Candle. And spent a good part of the weekend burning it down to get my ring, haha. To give them credit, the candle does smell really good. And the whole process of waiting for the ring to be revealed was fun. And my ring was really pretty. But:


I can’t wear it! 🙁 It’s massively big. And granted, I guess my fingers are fairly skinny (my ring size is 5 – 5.5) but this thing is HUGE. I don’t even know any friends or relatives this would fit. It’s just gigantic. This was only one of the $10 rings, so it hardly seems worth paying several times that to resize it. Just disappointing. Which got me to wondering why Diamond Candles doesn’t let you pick your ring size when you order your candle, just to guarantee you get something you can actually wear. The candle smells nice, but not $25 nice. The feature that warrants that price tag is the ring. Until picking your ring size becomes a feature, I probably won’t be buying any more of these.

3. Ian is on late shift again this week – hopefully the last time he will ever have to do it since his position is changing at the end of this month! It’s a pain, as always, because it throws our cohabitation mojo off. But on the upside I get free reign over my evenings this week! I’ve already got a ladies happy hour on Tuesday, and a professional social thing on Thursday, and I’ll probably go see a girly movie at the theater on Wednesday or Friday. I will be doing the things!

That’s about it for me. How are things in your life lately?


  1. Bummer about the ring. I was wondering what you were referring to when you mentioned waiting for the ring on Twitter. The plan this week is to get lots and lots of work done. I have so much reading to do for ALL of my classes. I’m hoping to get most of it done today because I have to write like 3 papers this week. Also, I have a midterm next Monday so I have to start writing out my notes and studying for that. Also.. Ryan might be home this week. He’s been away for the past a few weeks for his research and he said he might come home over the weekend depending how the machines are running.

    1. Ha! I didn’t think about that, but the ring commentary could’ve been taken another way. Nope, just a candle! Haha.

      Sounds like you’re busy! I hope all the school work goes well, and that your guy is able to visit. That’s always tough being apart.

  2. That’s a real pain about your ring. I’ve been thinking of buying one of those candles, but I’ve also got little fingers so I don’t want to risk getting a ring that I can’t wear.

    1. I’m still bummed about it! Their FAQ (which I only read after the fact) says most rings are size 6-8, and I think I could’ve made a 6 maybe even a 7 work on different fingers. But I’m pretty sure the one I got is WAY beyond an 8. I really don’t understand why they don’t let you pick a ring size.

  3. I’m so sorry about your ring, lovely! I was lucky, mine fit perfectly, though I am a size 7-ish (at the very least.) I’ll admit, I’d pay $25 for a candle, JUST for the scent (our cupcake one was dreamy) and for the ring reveal. XD I love surprises.

    I also LOVE Netflix. We’ve been watching Doctor Who on stream, and just got Bridesmaids on DVD!

    1. Yeah, it was a bummer. Glad that yours fit! And they do smell good, but I can also get a candle somewhere else that smells just as good for a 3rd of the price. The ring was the big draw for me. 🙁