Right Now

Right now, I am…

procrastinating on finishing my laundry, and still trying to figure out what to pack for NY.

trying to determine what ink color I should print with on this one shirt.

still somewhat sleepy, even though it’s noon and I’ve had caffeine.

really hoping that paycheck I’ve been waiting for comes in today.

contemplating Spaghettios for lunch.

realizing I probably won’t get all of these long sleeved shop shirts photographed and listed before leaving for NY on Sunday.

wondering what Ian’s going to get me for my birthday.

debating whether I should get Sienna’s nails trimmed before taking her to her doggie day camp boarding place.

dreading trying to get to and from the airport, both coming and going, since both weekends are ACL craziness.

looking forward to our mini vacation, despite all of the things on my mind about it above.

glad I’ve managed to schedule some posts for next week, so I don’t have to stress about it.


How are you doing this fine Friday?