5 Things Friday

5 Things Friday

1. I attended a pickling workshop at Treehouse this past week. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was still not what I had expected (if that makes sense). The speaker walked us through making pickles by fermentation, rather than the vinegar brine method I was vaguely familiar with from my Grandma. I was initially skeptical (she was making pickled carrots, which I have no interest in ever eating again), but it’s a method that can be used on any veggie, including the traditional pickling cucumbers. And the method seems a lot less labor intensive than my Grandma’s way, which is a plus. There was no sterilizing water bath or needing to specially seal jars. After reporting to the boy about it, we are going to try it out this weekend. I’ll be making some garlic-dill cucumber pickles, and he’ll be trying out some spicy carrot pickles. Hopefully one of the farmer’s markets this weekend will still have the smaller pickling cucumbers (I have no idea what their ‘season’ is). I’ll let you know how that goes.

2. The Project Runway season finale was last night, and I have to say I’m disappointed with who they declared the winner. If it was a popularity contest for Who’s The Nicest, I might’ve picked that person. But based on the collections shown, I definitely would’ve picked the runner-up as the winner. (how’s that for no spoiler commentary?!)

3. I know Austin has badly needed some rain, but I am really tired of it. Can’t the weather gods spread it out over the year instead of having a whole week in a row of dreary grey days? I moved here to escape dreary grey days! It makes me completely unmotivated. I’ve been on top of work stuff this week, but have done pretty much diddly squat with screen printing or even this blog. I’ve just been curled up reading instead.

4. Proud dog mama moment: Sienna went in for her comprehensive exam and vaccine updates this week, and when the vet called me to go over all of the results, she also said they couldn’t resist playing with Sienna because she was so friendly and playful, and that in general she is “just an awesome dog.” 😀

5. I am guest posting over at Mandy’s place today. It involves TV crime dramas and Photoshop, two of my favorite things. You should go check it out.

How was your week? Up to anything fun or new this weekend?


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