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If you’ve been around this blog awhile, you’ll probably have realized that I don’t really do the horror genre when picking books or movies. Just not my jam. But, I do read a lot of paranormal and fantasy, and those can be downright spooky in their own way. So today I’m sharing 3 reads from this past year that are good reads in their own right, and spooky enough to be Halloween appropriate.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Childrenby Ransom Riggs

Part mystery, part paranormal, part historical fiction. “A horrific family tragedy sends Jacob, 16, to a remote island off Wales, to the crumbling ruins of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, where he finds unusual old photographs. The children, one his grandfather, were more than peculiar, perhaps dangerous, quarantined for good reason – and maybe still alive.” – Goodreads

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The Bone Key : The Necromantic Mysteries of Kyle Murchison Booth

The Bone Keyby Sarah Monette

A collection of spooky short stories. “The dead and the monstrous will not leave Kyle Murchison Booth alone, for an unwilling foray into necromancy has made him sensitive to-and attractive to-the creatures who roam the darkness of his once-safe world. Ghosts, ghouls, incubi: all have one thing in common. They know Booth for one of their own…” – Goodreads

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Heart’s Blood

Heart's Bloodby Juliet Marillier

Historical fiction and fantasy, with a good dose of the macabre. “Whistling Tor is a place of secrets and mystery. Surrounded by a wooded hill, and unknown presences, the crumbling fortress is owned by a chieftain whose name is spoken throughout the district in tones of revulsion and bitterness. A curse lies over Anluan’s family and his people; those woods hold a perilous force whose every whisper threatens doom.” – Goodreads

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Any good spooky-but-not-horror book recommendations of your own to add?


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