Bits & Pieces

Bits & Pieces

1. I started the Beginner Sewing Series at Stitch Lab on Friday. We went over the basics of our machines (which was useful as refresher since I hadn’t touched my machine in awhile), and learned how to make a drawstring bag. The also introduced me to an oh-so-handy little tool called a magnetic seam guide. To be honest, sewing in a straight line is not one of my natural skill sets. But no more! That thing is a game changer.

They also let us take extra fabric scraps to practice making bags, and I think I’ve nailed it:


That one on the right is now housing the foot pedal for my sewing machine. I’m thinking of buying some plain linen fabric, screen printing on it, and making it into little drawstring gift bags. For my own gift giving, and possibly as an offering in the shop. What think you?

2. This weekend I officially completed my Fifty/Fifty challenge. And with 7 weeks left in 2013! I think my bonus goal is to make it to 100 new movies seen and 125 new books read (I’ve already passed 100 books for the year).

3. I tried out a new screen-making and printing process this weekend. The idea is to cut your design out of clear acetate to use as a stencil, and then tape that to the screen and print that way. Theoretically much less time-consuming that hand painting each individual screen. And the making part went fine. But the printing part… not so much. The ink barely made it through onto the paper, despite several passes. I’m going to try again this week with a thinner ink and see if that helps.

What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. Love the fifty/fifty challenge! What a great idea. I’d love to hear about what your top 5 or 10 favorite books and movies were out of your list. And those drawstring bags are super cute!!! I really like the random floral fabric but I think you’re right, it would be cute to screen print some.

    1. Ooh, thanks for the idea – I may have to do a top 10 recap post at the end of this year!

      I found a great linen blend that I’m going to try to screen print on and make bags with. We’ll see how it goes!