Right now, I am…

still sick, but not as bad. I can breathe through my nose at the moment, which is a big improvement. And Mucinex is making everything floaty.

listening to the rain. It’s a soothing sound.

annoyed that this sickness has delayed work on a new shop design and new shop product. I’d hoped to have them both up and running by Black Friday.

drinking all the water and OJ.

contemplating running errands this afternoon if my head floatiness lessens.

bummed that I had to miss my sewing class on Friday because of this stupid cold.

looking forward to a low-key Thanksgiving with just Ian and me.

dreaming of a bigger work table/work area for my shop stuff and sewing. Not going to happen in the current house.

really behind on getting holiday cards printed. I should do that this afternoon.

liking Angel more than Buffy, but neither as much as Firefly.

really wanting to see the new Hunger Games movie, blast this stupid cold.


How are you doing this dreary Monday?