Between sewing lessons improving my skills, and being sort of broke when it came time for buying Christmas gifts, I tried to think of things I could make to give family. Now, my mom is a kindergarten teacher up in Ohio. They have outdoor recesses even in the winter. And my aunt lives up in Michigan, and has two young grandchildren (my second cousins?) that I’m sure love to play outside and in the snow. So when I stumbled upon this tutorial for reusable handmade handwarmers, I thought it was perfect. I had a bunch of coordinating fabric squares that I’d bought for practice (and never used, ahem) and thread and rice. I even had handmade bags to hold all of the handwarmers once I was done, from one of my sewing classes. This is how they turned out:



Not as cute as the ones in the tutorial, but still pretty darn good. And really easy to make! I added some lavender oil in with the rice so they smell slightly nice, too. So now my aunt can use them to play outside with her grandkids (and give them some, too), and my mom can keep her hands warm during recess (with many back-ups in case of losing some or giving to students). And I waited until after Christmas to post this, since I know my mom reads the blog, so no spoiled surprise! 🙂

Did you give any handmade gifts this Christmas?