Book Review: The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Art of Racing in the Rain

by Garth Stein

The Art of Racing in the Rain The Art of Racing in the Rain, despite the title, is only incidentally about racing. It’s more about life wisdom, as seen through the eyes of Enzo, a philosophical lab mix. Yes, the narrator is a dog. The story follows Enzo as he recounts his life with his owner, a race car driver, and all the family and life drama that ensues. He’s at turns funny and very wise, and occasionally oh-so-doglike. It’s well written, and Enzo is an engaging narrator. I read this over Christmas break in Florida, and let me tell you I was glad we took Sienna along, because reading this made me want to hug her about a million times. Dog owners, be warned – this will make you instigate some doggy cuddles, perhaps while tearing up. I did have to take a break in the middle, because the plot was getting really intense/unhappy, but then I picked it back up again. And I’m glad I did, because while I wouldn’t say it has a happy ending, everything does get resolved and it’s a satisfying one. And overall just a really good read. Try it out, if you haven’t already (apparently I was the last one in my family to read this, they were all almost bursting from not telling me any spoilers over vacation).

I give it 4.5/5 stars.

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The Art of Racing in the Rain