Another Brick in the Wall

I took some more product photos for shop listings this weekend, and decided to try out a new background. For the shirts, I’ve mostly been using our backyard fence or our hammock. But we also have brick walls on the sides of our house, and one side in particular actually gets some good light and has a high up window ledge to put hangers on. I’d been reluctant to use it because I wasn’t sure the coloring of the bricks would work for a wide range of shirt colors, but I do really love the texture and general look of the wall. So I tried it, and I have to say I really like how they turned out:





What do you think? What do you use for backgrounds/settings in your shop photos?


  1. I like the Brick background. I think they go well with the theme of your shirts. I try to stick with a white background. I think for the items I sell that is the best kind for them.

    1. Thanks! I agree a white background makes the most sense for your products / smaller items. The wall on the back of our house is a faded/textured white, I might stick a nail in that and try it out eventually, too. Gotta have my texture. 🙂

  2. I love it!
    I think what makes it work is the very bright sun and the white lines of the mortar between the bricks. We have red brick with pink mortar (old house) and the camera never gets the white balance right so the colors are always off.

    1. Thanks!! And that’s good, because we don’t get any other kind of sun but ‘bright’ here in Austin, haha. Sorry to hear about your white balance troubles – have you tried manually setting it with a piece of white paper or cardstock in that same location/light?

      1. Interesting idea. I could tape a piece of white paper off to the side, use it for white balance and then crop it out. Hmmmm, thanks!