5 Things Friday

5 Things Friday

1. I’m a beta tester for a new stock image site, and it’s awesome. (and also sekrit, sorry) So if you’ve noticed new header images on regular post series (Bits & Pieces, TTT, this), that is why. And I have more lined up. Bwahahaha endless photos. Sidenote: I actually have the statue second from the left, and it always makes me happy – he’s just so jolly! So this image made me quintuply happy.

2. If you’re in the Austin area, BASHH is next week and you should come. Drinks and networking for everyone!

3. The Indie A-List is having an awesome giveaway to celebrate the launch of the new site. My shop is a part of it, along with many other awesome indie shops, so you should definitely check it out. There’s a little over a day left to enter!

4. My back has progressively, incrementally felt better since I fell on it Monday morning. I can mostly move without pain twinges now. Getting in/out of bed and driving are still problem areas, though. BUT! I can paint again, so Project: Paint Walls is back in motion.

5. I get my genre/subject/topic assignment for the first round of this year’s NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge tonight – eek! I’m crossing my fingers for something good. Last year I really lucked out.

Happy Friday all! What’s going on in your world?