Master Bathroom Makeover

As promised last week, here is the new master bathroom with it’s mini makeover! New paint job, new towel rack hardware, new switch plates, and a new decor piece. This didn’t get as much of a makeover as the bedroom, as I didn’t get a new shower curtain or towels (yet), but it still feels like a new room. Take a look:







Yes, that’s carpet in our bathroom. I know, it’s weird. Whenever we get around to doing new floors, this is near the top of my list (right after the kitchen). But overall I love how the new color freshens things up. This shade of royal blue is just so pretty, and really makes the white seem brighter. But I have to say, this room was a PAIN to paint. Do you see all those doors? One to our walk-in closet, one to the separate toilet, one to the linen closet, and then the doors to the master bedroom. And each and every one of those had to be taped around – twice (once for the blue coat, once for the trim). I swear the taping took longer than anything else. But I love how it turned out.

What do you think of a darker blue for a bathroom?


  1. Oh my god, there IS carpet in there! Why do people do that? At least the gorgeous shade of blue will distract you!

    Anyway, major props for painting around all of those doors. Our basement is the same way. I eventually just stopped taping when I was doing the trim; if I got to the paint fast enough after a boo boo, it was fine.

    1. I don’t know why people put carpets in bathrooms! Boggles the mind.

      I was definitely a lot less meticulous about taping nearer the end of painting. Touching up afterwards with a small brush took way less time than taping.

  2. I adore the color! I like dark for bathrooms, and that blue is lovely. Back when I was young, we lived in a farmhouse that had a carpeted bathroom – so strange!