Art Prints Get a Facelift

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you know that last week I finally got matching frames for all of the different size prints I sell in my shop. That commenced a 2-afternoon photo shoot as I re-took the main listing photos for all of the prints, complete with frames and a little bit of staging with trinkets. I did the photo editing over the weekend, and now the new photos are live in the shop. Take a look:







Of course, I’d forgotten that, while I still had actual copies of most prints listed in my shop, they are generally made-to-order and some of them have sold. Which meant I no longer had copies to do the new photographs for. It’s only a few, though, so I’ll just print up new copies of those this week and finish out the art prints overhaul. But overall, I’m really pleased with how these new photos turned out. I think seeing the prints in frames, where you can see the relative size of the design vs. white space, helps a lot. And the staging turned out to be a lot of fun. I took around 800 photos for about 50 listings – ha!

What do you think? Fancy a new print for your wall?


  1. LOVE them! Especially the owl, dragonfly, and elephant. So great! Do they come in different background colors at all, or are the prints you see final?