Bits & Pieces

Bits & Pieces

1. This past weekend the boy and I went to see a show called TITtalks. It was in the format of TED Talks, except all of the ‘experts’ were improv comedians and they had no idea before stepping on stage what topic & visual aids they would be assigned and have to do a talk on. It was hilarious. We caught it on the last day of its run, sadly, or I’d tell you fellow Austinites to go check it out.

2. I’ve got a thing in the works to be a guest on a local podcast here. I’m equal parts intrigued and nervous, as I’ve never done a podcast before and will have to talk ‘on air’ so to speak. I used to work at a radio station back in college, but it was just for the news segment, so there was a script to read from. This is all free form. So… we’ll see how that goes. I’ll post a link/blurb when it’s live.

3. I’m finally getting going on the design services shop I’ve been talking about and ruminating on for awhile. It will be called Dragonflight Digital, and have things like blog themes, digitally illustrated prints, customizable headers and shop banners, and design services. Stay tuned for the big reveal/grand opening on that!

4. I also want to start doing mini tutorials on design stuff here on the blog. Things related to Photoshop or Illustrator or WordPress or CSS/HTML. But… I’ve been doing this stuff for around 10 years, so I’m not really sure where to start as far as what would be most useful for non-designers/beginners. So if you’ve long been wondering how to do something in one of those areas, let me know what it is! I’ll plug you in the tutorial, if it turns into one.

5. Speaking of digital illustration, that’s one of the classes I took and loved on Skillshare. Have you seen this site? Tons of affordable classes on all sorts of creative topics. Right now I’m taking Hand Lettering, and Pattern Creation, and I’ve got a dozen others on my to-do list. And bonus, if you enroll in your first paid class ($20 or more) using my link, you get a $10 discount and I get a $10 credit. So check it out and go learn something!

What’s new in your world lately? Any new projects?


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