Book Review: Seraphina


by Rachel Hartman

Seraphina It’d been too long since I read a book with dragons! This was an excellent remedy for that. Seraphina takes place in a fantasy world where humans and (shape-shifting, uber-logical) dragons live in uneasy peace since the war that raged between them 40 years ago. Now, dragons live among the human population, in their human-like form, trying to understand the lesser race and yet not become influenced by the volatile emotions surrounding them. The title character Seraphina, caught between both worlds, has taken a new position at court right before the anniversary of the peace treaty between the two races. When a prince is murdered in a suspiciously draconian fashion, tensions run high and Seraphina gets pulled into court intrigue and interracial politics and unlikely friendships. All while hiding her own very dangerous secret. It’s a lively read, no real slow parts. Hartman’s characterization of the dragon race is interesting, and I liked how they had their own political squabbles outside of the human kingdom. There’s some romance and danger and bravery and heartbreak and family drama. Overall, a good, enjoyable read. I look forward to book #2.

I give it 4/5 stars.

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