Thoughts That Keep Me Up At Night

Thoughts That Keep Me Up At Night

If you’ve been around the blog for awhile (or Twitter) you’ve probably caught a mention of my insomnia. I wage an ongoing battle against sleep. And most nights, I win. I’ve figured out enough methods and tricks by now that it’s usually enough. But not always. Some nights, despite my best efforts, I just can’t. fall. asleep. Last night was one of those nights. Nothing bad or particularly stressful going on, I just could not get my brain to quiet down. So what’s running through it while I lay in bed awake? Contrary to what you might think, it’s not particularly important or stirring stuff. Here’s a random sampling from last night:

  • What is the difference between a suit and a tux? Aside from the option of tails. I mean, you can get both custom-made and tailored, so it’s not just about a good fit. Is there a difference in materials or button placement or something? Is it just a matter of needing cufflinks? If a guy buys a tux to be in a wedding party, can he later wear it as just a suit (changing the shirt/tie/etc options)?
  • Ok, so I saw Frozen this weekend. If you don’t know, the setup is that Elsa the older sister has magic and shuts herself away in fear, and younger sister Ana doesn’t find out about her powers for a decade or so. It’s just Ana and Else, their parents, and a few servants stuck in a closed-gate castle for years. And I just have to call bullshit on that whole thing. Because I grew up with 3 sisters, and there is no way that a closed door is any kind of impediment to a bored, nosy little sister. NONE. A young girl with no friends to play with and stuck inside a castle? She would’ve pestered her sister and found out within a week. A month tops. I’m not buying it, Disney.
  • Aw, the puppy and Ian are snoring in sync. (some nights this is adorable, some nights this is like the waking dead symphony of loud noise)
  • About a million ideas for the new shop, and work projects, and various other creative things. Example: If I want to offer digitally illustrated prints (and I do), should I sell them as print-at-home downloads, or physical art prints, or both? How would that work? How do I find a good art printer? How can I be sure someone won’t take the digital download and steal the design for their own purposes? Etc.
  • I want to have a ladies night at my house this Sunday while Ian is at a work party. But one lady will be out of town, and most of the other ladies I want to invite I’m also seeing on Tuesday for a coffee date. Is two lady dates only a day apart too much? I think it’s too much. I could invite 2nd-tier girl friends, but clearly I’m not as close with them if they’re still on 2nd-tier, so it would just be awkward – the invite and the hanging out at my house both. Conundrum.
  • Should I really paint my office purple? I’ve already bought the paint, but I’m rethinking/second-guessing it. It’s a dark purple, a shade I LOVE, but I don’t know if it’ll be overwhelming when on the walls. Or it could be awesome. Back and forth.

And on and on like that. As you can tell, there’s no set pattern to any of this, my brain jumps around and switches tracks like a crazy train. But there you have it. A peek into the inner workings of my insomniac brain.

Do you have insomnia? What kind of thoughts spin through your head while trying to fall asleep?


  1. Dude, I did not think Frozen was even that good of a movie overall. The narrative was kind of weak, and it seemed like they wrote the songs first and then just threw together a “plot” around them. All of the hype baffles me.

    1. THANK YOU! I was expecting something much better after all the hype. But yes, the narrative was weak. And I didn’t like the music at all – the songs weren’t that great on their own, plus pop doesn’t seem like a good choice for a medieval Norwegian fairy tale. There were some funny dialogue bits, but yeah, overall, not really a fan.

  2. Maybe it’s a good opportunity to try and get to know some of those “2nd tier” friends that you don’t know as well?

    1. Sigh, yeah, but they’re they ones that I don’t know well enough to have had them to my house before. So inviting them to come veg out drinking wine and watching TV seems too… I dunno, intimate?

  3. That is exactly how my brain works when I can’t fall asleep. Constantly jumping from topic to topic. I generally don’t have trouble sleeping, but there are those nights where my brain just goes and goes.
    And I totally feel you on what to do about art prints. That is the exact boat I’m in right now. I’m working on lots of art that I’d like to offer as prints and open up an online shop, but where to get prints at a reasonable cost yet quality printing is proving to be challenging. I wish you good luck with figuring it out!

    1. Yeah, that’s the doozy isn’t it, finding the sweet overlap between quality and affordability? I’ve ordered some sample packs from local art printers, we’ll see how they stand up to scrutiny. Best of luck to you, too!