June Etsy Round-Up

The first Etsy collection I have for your this month is one that reminds me of summer. When I think of summer, I think of lemonade, blue skies, grass, and the outdoors, even though I live in the city. So this collection is color-themed on those points, with an urban touch.

This second treasury is all about where June got it’s name. The name comes from Juno, queen of the Roman gods (Hera is the Greek version). She was wife to Jupiter, and goddess of marriage. Her symbols include a peacock and a goatskin cloak.


What does June make you think of?


  1. Nice! I love those cube magnet things with the flowers inside (from the 1st collection) so cute! When I think of June, I think of summer, blue skies (like you), hot, beaches, sunshine… but in reality my summer’s are more gloomy, wet and humid (literally typing this up as it’s pouring down over my house…lol…Florida has a very rainy summer!)