Taking a page from Pip’s book and using this list to do a life snapshot. These pictures are all things I see from my desk.

Making : more stencils to continue playing with this new-to-me screen printing method.
Cooking : waffles, sometime this weekend, to take our new waffle iron for a spin.
Drinking : French vanilla cappuccino.
Reading: working my way through Northanger Abbey (a modern Austen adaptation), and also Archon (a YA paranormal).
Wanting: to just curl up and read all day.
Looking: at the computer screen, out the window, and occasionally at the sleeping pup.
Playing: Words with Friends. I’m ajcobby23 if you want to play!
Deciding: what to tackle next after I finish this post.
Wishing: that this humidity would let up.
Enjoying: the show Supernatural. The boy & I just started watching season 1 on Netflix.
Waiting: to hear whether I got accepted to the Austin Craft Riot summer show.
Liking: the new clothes I bought after that last big paycheck!
Wondering: how I’m going to make up my mind about what to plant in the front flower beds.
Loving: that Ian has finally let me have free reign on doing things to the house. 🙂
Pondering: what I should wear today (still in PJs).
Considering: how to better market my design services to blogs and handmade shops.
Watching: season 5 of Angel, during lunch breaks. Not in love with this season.
Hoping: that I didn’t sign up for too many social things next week.
Marvelling: at the fact that I’m actually managing to pay my estimated quarterly taxes on time so far this year (a non-fun aspect of being self-employed).
Needing: to get a new base for one of the pots on the back patio, as it cracked when I was moving the planter out of the rain.
Smelling: nothing in particular at the moment. Just normal house smell. That might change as Sienna is laying under my desk and has been to known to rip a few.
Wearing: PJs still. Grey PJ pants, pink t-shirt.
Following: my to-do list, which is now on HabitRPG, which I am loving. I’ve only been using it for a week, but I’ve gotten a LOT done.
Noticing: I am way more motivated by digital rewards than I expected.
Knowing: that I need to run to the grocery store and post office today.
Thinking: that I should really start that load of laundry.
Admiring: the graphic design shops on Etsy who have it all figured out as far as translating their services to a shop format.
Sorting: through my closet to figure out what’s going to Goodwill.
Buying: plants for the front flower beds! Soon, hopefully. As soon as I make up my mind.
Getting: used to my new phone and Siri.
Bookmarking: business articles, and things for next week’s Tuesday Treasure Trove.
Disliking: having to send uncomfortable emails.
Opening: the InDesign file I’m working in today (magazine layout, woo!).
Giggling: over The Skimm’s daily news writing. Not the content, just the snark/tone.
Feeling: pretty good today. No trouble sleeping last night, for once.

What’s your day look like so far? Also, don’t forget about the flash sale in my shop tomorrow!