“This show” being my shop, and ok, not a very long road when it comes down to it. Just into downtown Austin proper, because I got into the Austin Craft Riot Summer Show as a vendor! Behold, the official poster:


This will be my first major, juried show. You know, the kind where you had to apply and be accepted and pay a booth fee and all of that jazz. Official craft show time, you guys. It’s a 2-day event (indoors with A/C, thank goodness), and I am stoked. I’m already planning out my booth space. Which reminds me: there’s a lot that goes into putting together a booth space! So many things to consider and bits and pieces to acquire. How should I display my art prints (I’m only focusing on art prints for this show, not apparel)? How many art prints should I bring/make to begin with? Will I sell enough to recover the booth fee and what I spent on the display setup? How much cash should I have on hand to make change? And about a thousand other details. But, even with all that to sort out, my overriding emotion is excitement. This is one big step up for my screen printing business. It’s growing into its big girl pants, you guys. 😀

Anyway, if you are in or around the Austin area (long-term or just on that particular weekend) definitely stop by and say hi! I’ll be manning my booth the whole time. You can find exact details and RSVP here, though that’s not necessary – you can just show up.

Any craft show veterans out there want to pass along any advice? Any fellow Austin crafters also vending here?