Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove: this week's round-up of read-worthy links.

Things of Note:

Yesterday, the internet in our house decided to inexplicably stop working, so I lost most of my morning trying to remedy that. All of the modem and router and computer restarts in the world didn’t help, nor did a tech support call. Instead, it just randomly started working again about an hour after I had given up. I remain baffled but am glad I was able to actually start my day and get work done. Technology be crazy!

This week I’ve got coffee with some gal pals, and a professional networking thing, and (hopefully!) some gardening to get done as I’ve finally planned out and ordered the plants for the front flower beds. It remains to be seen when they will actually arrived. We’re hosting a brunch in about 2 weeks, I’d love to have it done by then, but we’ll see. I’ve also got a stack of art prints that I need to trim and photograph for the shop, that’s also on the to-do list.

What are you up to this week?


  1. The internet has just stopped working at my house and will start back up randomly too. So weird. It’s crazy how when wifi or the internet stop working it’s like… well, what do I do now…? lol A garden sounds like fun! I hope I have a garden one day, I know it’s a lot of work (at least it looks like a lot of work) so I’m not adding that to my to-do list any time soon 😛

    1. It’s maddening! Completely throws off my work process, too, because I need internet to run my business, especially if I’m working on web projects.

      The gardening… is a new thing for me. I’ve kept some plants alive in pots on the back patio (which is still mid-redo and still needs photographing) for almost 2 months now, so that gives me hope. We’ll see how the non-potted plants in the front beds do. *crosses fingers*

  2. Internet going out for no reason is the worst! Always makes me realize just how much I use it during the day when that happens. Love the rejected princesses! Some crazy stuff in there. 😀

    1. It is! Impossible to plan around, because you’re never expecting it – and it always seems to be on the days where I really need internet to do work, too. Bah. But all’s well now. 🙂