Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove: this week's round-up of read-worthy links.

Things of Note:

Well, I thought I had caught a cold from the craft show crowds over the weekend, but it seems my judicious application of OJ, naps, tacos and puppy cuddles yesterday worked its magic. I woke up this morning feeling better. No more semi-sore throat, no more almost-stuffed head. So yay that! That means I don’t have to cancel my massage or coffee ladies night later today. Double woot.

What are you up to this week? What are your on-noes-getting-sick super cures?


  1. The “Just Kill All of the Comments Already” article was really interesting… and honestly, I’ve often wondered why large traffic sites that are mainly news focused haven’t abandoned them. It just seems like a whole lot of work to maintain for very little value.

    1. Agreed! I get why they may keep them on opinion pieces and the like, but for news & science reporting I don’t think they’re needed.