Now that the craft show is past, I’ve been attending to a lot of the other to-do list items for my shop. First up, I’m finally getting photos of the made-to-order shirts on an actual person! Witness:

Gold Clover on Green Tee by Dragonflight Dreams

Black Elephant on Grey Tee by Dragonflight Dreams

Black Dragon on Purple Tee by Dragonflight Dreams

Yeah, that’s just me wearing them. I never know what to do with my arms. I only have photos of the size mediums I had printed so far (note to self: always print a size medium for the example shots for made-to-order shirts), but I’ll get to the rest slowly and surely.

Also, I did a big inventory and sorting of all of my papers for the art prints, and updated the chart that shows paper options for all of the choose-your-colors listings. See the new and improved chart:

Paper Options for Customizable Prints by Dragonflight Dreams

So many pretty colors! Turns out I might have an obsession with gorgeous papers.

Next up on my list are reworking all of my product descriptions, getting the rest of the made-to-order shirts photographed on myself, and getting all of the rest of the listings from the art prints photo shoot a few weeks back actually up and live (craft show prep interrupted that). Oh, and also three new designs to be finalized and unveiled. And by the time all of that is done, I should hear whether I got in to the holiday craft show I applied to, and the craziness will start all over again. 🙂 It sounds like a lot, and is, but I’m actually pretty excited about all of it.

Do you have a never-ending but energizing project you work on?