Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove: this week's round-up of read-worthy links.

Things of Note:

This weekend was mostly good – a nice mix of socializing, going out, and vegging out. The boy and I have a) started watching Arrow on Netflix, which is entertaining so far, and b) started a replay of Riven, the sequel to Myst. I played it way back in the day and only very vaguely remember details about the puzzles and he’s never played it, so it’s almost like playing it for the first time. We have so far resisted looking up play-throughs or cheats, but the damn boiler house island might defeat us.

This week is looking to be slow on design work stuff, which means it’ll be heavy on shop work stuff and house work stuff. Which is probably good, as the shops have been a bit neglected lately. If you want to get the skivvy on when I have something new for one of the shops (before all the unspecial nonsubscribers 😉 ), you should sign up for my shop newsletter. Use that link, or the sign-up box in the sidebar. I will hopefully have some particular good news soon, and the peeps who sign up will be the first to know. *hint hint*

How was your weekend? Read any interesting web articles lately? Any plans for this week?


  1. Paper forever! I do have a Kindle and appreciate it for travel the space it saves in the house, but I hate it when a book has footnotes and I have to clickity-click to read them instead of just moving my eyeballs down the page. Also, the images are terrible. And ebooks make lame gifts.

    But you already know these things. If I’m buying a book to keep and not just “try,” then it’s paper all the way.

  2. I use my Kindle for many other things and have pretty much gone paperless in the office, but still do (and probably always will) prefer books for reading. For me it’s about the feeling of the books in my hand, the sharing of good books with friends and the trips to the used bookstore to pick out new books and donate back those I’ve read. I also hold on to the ones that touch me.

    I’m with you on the AB PSA — it brought me to tears and made me hug my dog! 🙂

    I started a new Jack Reacher novel this week (I love that you can read them in any order!)

    1. Yes, sharing is hard when it’s in ebook format! As is donating. Good points both.

      I haven’t read the Jack Reacher novels, just saw the recent movie. Good?

      1. I’m reading Running Blind (from 2007) and like it so far. I read One Shot (the movie was based on this one) and also The Affair. Both were good. The books can be a little repetitive, but I enjoy them.