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Tuesday Treasure Trove: this week's round-up of read-worthy links.

Things of Note:

I had breakfast tacos for dinner last night. To illustrate how much Texas has changed me, you should know that a) I’m a fairly picky eater in general (super taster in the house!) and b) when I first moved here 8+ years ago, I did not know what a breakfast taco was and was plainly skeptical when I found out. Eggs in a taco? Weird. And now I eat them all the time– for any meal, not just breakfast. Side note: they should probably have a name other than breakfast taco, but egg taco just doesn’t sound as appetizing, amiright?

If you had told the me of 8 years ago that in the future I’d be happily eating a taco that contained both eggs and cheese (two things I still don’t like together when not in taco form) I would’ve said you were crazy. I would also not have believed that I’d become a dog person, or run a blog that anyone anywhere could read, or that I would get used to not having actual buttons on my cellphone.

This is all just to say that time is a crazy thing and can work all sorts of changes, big and small. Ruminations while writing this last night.

Have you changed in any ways that surprise you over the last few years?


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