31 Before 31

31 Before 31 Goals List

As promised yesterday, here is my new list of goals to (hopefully) accomplish before my next birthday.

  1. Take a vacation with just Ian (I’ve pretty much decided this will go on the list every year).
  2. Get to see my little sister.
  3. Create a lookbook for the screen printing shop.
  4. Query 6 local shops about stocking my work (breaking into wholesale!).
  5. Pay off my credit card debt.
  6. Open a retirement account.
  7. Make this blog responsive.
  8. Reach 200 sales in the screen printing shop, and 75 sales in the digital shop.
  9. Design a calendar for sale.
  10. Launch a digital papers section in the digital shop.
  11. Complete my 2014 50/50 challenge and up the goal for 2015.
  12. Clean out my office closet & desk.
  13. Paint my office purple.
  14. Come up with packaged service offerings for my freelance business – descriptions and prices.
  15. Add 6 new digital prints to the digital shop.
  16. Create 6 new screen designs.
  17. Write one new Yelp review per month for local places I love.
  18. Make tortillas from scratch and/or bake bread from scratch (not banana bread type thing, but actual, honest-to-goodness-yeast-needing bread).
  19. Apply to 2 big craft shows.
  20. Find 6 local business I want to work with and approach them about design services.
  21. Complete the Duolingo programs for Spanish and Irish.
  22. Finish my two hand lettering classes on Skillshare.
  23. Go through all of my bookshelves and make a pile of books to give away or trade in.
  24. Stainless steel-ify the fridge (finally – I’ve had the stuff to do this for awhile).
  25. Wear my Lumo Lift posture coach more consistently (3x per week minimum).
  26. Buy myself an HP Envy x360 without increasing debt.
  27. Save $1,000 for a deposit on a new car.
  28. Sew 6 new items of clothing (use that fabric stash!)
  29. Go to TxSC 2015 Camp.
  30. Find & acquire the perfect purple necklace.
  31. Make all of the hand-me-down recipes (from my mom and grandma) in my recipe box that I’ve never tried.

Specific, hopefully manageable. We shall see.

My birthday itself was low-key – just wine, pasta and the Project Runway finale. ๐Ÿ™‚ Our getaway to San Antonio this past weekend was my big celebration, and we’ll be having friends over this coming weekend for game night party. So birthday celebrations have been had and will be had. I told you I was milking this birthday for all it’s worth. ๐Ÿ˜€

What do you think? Good mix of personal and business goals? Did I bite off more than I can handle?


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