Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove

Things of Note:

Well, I think… I think that we might be close to deciding on our wedding venue & date. The two places we toured this past weekend are now the top contenders, since sadly my previous favorite is not feasible budget-wise. But the two we like from this weekend would each be a good choice for completely different reasons, so now I’m torn. There are still 3 places we’re supposed to see this coming week, but they weren’t as high up on my list to start as these other two, so we’ll see if they end up being contenders or not.

Oi vey. I’ve barely gotten into this wedding planning stuff and it’s already exhausting.

What did you do this weekend? Something relaxing and non-stressy?


  1. That Hermione article is AMAZING. I’m reading it right now and am only on year two, but I had to come back and comment. I feel like JK Rowling worked so many great insights into the books and people have paid attention, but here’s another layer right in the faces of anybody who missed it the first time around. +1000