Taking Stock

This is where we're getting married. !!!!!!
This is where we’re getting married. !!!!!!

This little snugget was allowed up on the couch with me this weekend and I about died from cuteness overload. (Ian was out of town...shhh)
This little snugget was allowed up on the couch with me this weekend and I about died from cuteness overload. (Ian was out of town…shhh)
Taking a page from Pip’s book and using this list to do a life snapshot.

Making: plans. And spreadsheets. Wedding planning is no cakewalk, people (ba-dum-ching).
Cooking: nothing lately. We’ve been living on frozen meals and take-out.
Drinking: french vanilla cappucino.
Reading: nothing at the moment. Between work and wedding planning, I haven’t had the mental energy for books. Sad but true.
Wanting: to be done with this one project/client. She doesn’t know what she wants, but won’t listen to my advice. Monster headache situation.
Looking: at different wedding photographer portfolios.
Playing: Myst IV: Revelations. Sort of. I started a game and played for like 5 minutes, but again, no mental energy + puzzle game = nope.
Deciding: on SO. MANY. THINGS. for the wedding. I’m trying to prioritize. Like right now the focus is catering and photographer because they book up well in advance. But there’s still a million other little details flying around my brain, too.
Wishing: to hear back from a certain potential client about whether their board chose me for a certain amazing year-long project. It’d be a game-changer, career-wise and finance-wise. Cross your fingers for me?
Enjoying: this warmer, sunny weather we’ve been having the past few days. Sorry, all you blizzard peeps.
Waiting: for potential bridesmaid fabric swatches to arrive in the mail.
Liking: the unexpectedly romantic attitude Ian has about our wedding. He’s normally a very pragmatic and frugal person, so I was expecting him to continue in that vein for wedding decisions. But he has surprised me, in a good way. 🙂
Wondering: how my new business/marketing coaching sessions with will go. I ‘won’ a partial scholarship to a 6-month course, and it starts this afternoon. Eek.
Loving: that the ladies I’ve asked to be bridesmaids so far have all been super excited about it. 😀
Pondering: doggy manners classes for Sienna so she can be in our wedding. (for real)
Considering: different fonts for our save the dates and invites.
Watching: Nikita, on Netflix.
Hoping: that out of town people still come to the wedding even though it will be on a Sunday.
Marvelling: that I get to get married at such an epic place. Did you see that picture up there? That’s in Austin. Not Europe. I know.
Needing: to receive some paychecks.
Smelling: Sienna. Not in a bad way. She just had a bath yesterday and actually smells good.
Wearing: PJs still. I’ll hop in the shower, etc. after finishing this post.
Following: and responding to more people on my professional Twitter account in an attempt to grow it.
Noticing: that I need to weed the flower beds.
Knowing: that I have 8 months to plan this wedding but it will feel like it flies by.
Thinking: that this week is going to be rough, work-wise/schedule-wise.
Admiring: pretty dresses from last night’s red carpet.
Sorting: through ideas for a logo design I’m working on for a client today.
Buying: groceries, later today.
Getting: a wedding-planning book that was recommended to me from the library today after my volunteer shift.
Bookmarking: everything wedding related. And pinnable. Check out my wedding planning board if you’re interested.
Disliking: the feeling of just-around-the-corner overwhelm. I think getting this one headache client off my plate will help immensely with that.
Opening: the Adobes- Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. Just another day at work.
Giggling: about some of the links I’ve found for tomorrow’s Trove. You should come back and see.
Feeling: tired and a bit stressed, but also overall happy and excited.

Clearly, I have wedding brain going on.
What about you? What’s your mental energy devoted to lately?


  1. I got married there too! Such a beautiful place – looks like they’ve built on since i was married there a few years ago. I’ve got declutting on my brain….lol

    1. it is super beautiful! I might be giddy excited about the butterfly garden, since it will be in full butterfly mode come our wedding date. 😀

      I need to have a good decluttering session, too.