Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove

Things of Note:

Well this week is off to a hellish start. Work is kind of beating me up right now, and with all of the other commitments on my plate right now, I’m a bit drained. If I can make it through today, things should ease up. A bit. Bonus: tomorrow I have another appointment to try on wedding dresses. The first one the other weekend was kind of a bust, we’ll see how this one goes.

In the meantime, send me de-stressy thoughts. What’s your go-to stress relief?


  1. The whole Justine Sacco situation was so fascinating to me. I ultimately do feel bad for her, despite the stupid joke, because it got completely out of control. The end of the article you posted has a great bit about how dissenters are congratulated on social media for taking people down, but when it’s over something so minor and it totally ruins someone’s life, it’s just gross. Her jokes weren’t in good taste, but I don’t think she deserved the hellfire that came next.

    1. It was a dumb joke, and unwise on her part, but the reaction was WAY out of proportion. If she had just said that to someone, instead of tweeting it, it wouldn’t have even been an issue. The internet be crazy.